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The amount that you can borrow will largely depend on the mortgage provider and your personal situation. On average, you can borrow between 3 and 4.5 times your income. If you’re applying for a mortgage with someone else, it tends to be around 4 times your joint income. However, this can vary depending on your lender. A mortgage provider will carry out an ‘affordability assessment’ to determine how much they can lend to you. An assessment will usually look at your employment status, total gross income, benefits and income from other sources, outgoings and your credit history.
Using our mortgage calculator can help you determine how much your monthly repayments and interest rates could be. This will give you an insight into how much you will need to budget for. Here at Planet Mortgages, we pride ourselves on providing out of this world mortgage advice! We understand that the mortgage process can feel daunting. Even if you’ve been through it before, it can still feel a little overwhelming. We’re here to help! We can guide you through the entire process and help you land your dream home. 

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The mortgage process doesn't have to feel like rocket science! Here at Planet Mortgages, our team of highly-knowledgeable, experienced mortgage brokers make their mission to ensure that the process is as simple and stress-free as it can be. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a next-time buyer or if you’re planning on purchasing a buy-to-let property, our team can help! From blast off to ensuring a soft landing, we’ll guide you through the entire process. Get in touch today!